When I started my blog in 2008, I had no real plans for what it would be. It began as a space for me to share life updates alongside personal design & photography projects, as well as work I produced during university. 

Since then, it has evolved into a space in which I honour and reclaim all that I am. Writing helped me further embrace the value of vulnerability, openness and authenticity in the face of a world that has taught us to keep all that makes us human behind closed doors.

In pouring out, I learn and re-learn to journey within. Slowly unbecoming what I am not, so as to become what I am; shadows and light and all in-between. After years of cracking the door open a little wider each time, I felt it was time for my personal work to have a new home. And that's all this really is—just another home for myself.

You'll find my work as a professional photographer at camillenathania.com.

Portrait by Alexis McKeown.