Christmas in Ontario.

I spent my second Canadian Christmas out on the farm with J and his family; the very place where he grew up and started to become the person I now know. Upon arriving in Ontario on Christmas Eve, we were gifted with a white Christmas after all, a mild start to our winter in the west leaving our town a barren, snow-less place.

Our stay would be short and sweet; one week to catch-up on the new, reminisce about the old, and forge more memories from the present. For me, this time would be especially unique, having been my first time on the farm and meeting J’s family. It was peaceful out there; a welcome relief from regular life; not a noise to be heard save for the occasional moo from a cow or the distant cawing of birds flying overhead.

We spent Christmas Day indoors unwrapping presents and catching up; Boxing Day was spent felling dead trees for lumber. A couple of days later, warming temperatures and rain melted the snow away to reveal green grass. Summers and autumns in the Ontario countryside must be something else.